Leave bugs behind.
Unit test the smart way. It’s the agile way.

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Isolator 8

You are more Agile than you think.

Isolator will help you unit test the smart way. Which means that you can develop with great agility.
Isolator 8
typemock suggest screen

Typemock Suggest

The Next Unit Test Generation

It's our most powerful feature ever. And it's the first of its kind. Typemock Suggest creates test suggestions suitable for your code.
Imagine having a suite of unit test that cover your brilliantly written code. Written at only a fraction of the time.

Typemock Suggest can also cover your Legacy Code.
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Unlimited power to limit your bugs.

It's what a Mocking Framework should be: Powerful. And it's the first of its kind. Which mean you can fake more than just public virtual methods. And you can reach higher test coverage at a fraction of the time.

You can fake statics, private, constructors, events, linq, ref args, live, future, static constructors. You name it.

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smart runner screen


Come out of the stone age and run your tests incrementally.

Imagine that you know exactly what tests were impacted. And you run only those tests. This is what SmartRunner does. And it's the first of its kind.
SmartRunner will run only your impacted tests. Which mean that you no longer waste your time running all of your test. And you get superfast feedback.
Fast feedback means fast development – it’s the agile way.
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typemock coverage screen


Instant Code Coverage.

Typemock displays you your code coverage in your editor while you code. Which means that you can spot uncovered areas whilst the code is fresh in your mind. Typemock will also mark lines that are only partially covered. So that you see a complete picture.
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