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Free Up Your Testing Time
Imagine that you know exactly what tests were impacted. And you run only those tests. This is what SmartRunner does. And it’s the first of its kind.
SmartRunner will run only your impacted tests. Which mean that you no longer waste your time running all of your test. And you get superfast feedback.
Fast feedback means fast development – it’s the agile way.

Continuous Testing, Continuous Agility.

Smart Runner Automatically Runs your tests for you. At the best time possible. You will no longer delay running your tests. And you will immediately know when a bug was introduced. Which means that you can fix the bug whilst the code is fresh in your mind.

Work when you are Idle.
SmartRunner works for you, in the background, behind the scenes when your computer is idle. Running all your tests. In an optimized order.
Imagine being really productive in a meeting, just because your computer is working for you, running your tests, while you are away.

Smart Snap on Test.

SmartRunner innovative snap on test is the first of its kind. When a test is snapped on you can visualize all the information you need about the test. Which mean that you don’t have to search in log files or lose context by opening multiple windows

Smart Debugging.

Debugging is simple with SmartRunner.

One click in needed to debug and break in the correct location.
One place to see all the information you need to fix the code.
One snapped on test to navigate without losing context.

Automatically separate unit and integration tests.

SmartRunner runs your fast unit tests after each build automatically. And your slow integration tests while you are away. SmartRunner will mark all integration test automatically. And run these only when you are idle.
Which means that integration tests will not disturb you development

Continuous code synchronization.

SmartRunner tracks all your code changes. Editor Changes. FileSystem Changes. Even changes that occurred while Visual Studio was closed. Which means that you don’t need to click any refresh buttons to build and run your tests.

Smart Builder.

SmartRunner has another great feature Smart Builder. The Smart Builder is used to build the minimum required to build your tests incrementally. Which means that you get results faster. And you don’t have to manually build your code.

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  • USA (Toll free): 866–895–4680
  • Outside US: +44–203–150–0293