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Hi,I'm a chinese guy,so I use VS2005 Team Suite Simple Chinese Edition,
the OS is Xp SP3(Simple Chinese Edition).
First,each time I try to download Typemock,When the download process reach 99%,it stopped. So,I just get the old version,TypemockIsolatorSetup430 from another website.
When I finish the installation of TypemockIsolatorSetup430,I try to start up the vs2005 to use Typemock,but I get an error,the error message is in chinese ,so I try to translate it in to English:

"The Add-in "TypeMock.NET" failed to load or caused an exception
Error Message: <Wrong>
Error Number: 80070057

now I can't download the latest version of Typemock,and also I can't use the old version.

Anyone can help me to resolve it and pardon my poor English.
asked by liji (640 points)

2 Answers

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Version 4.3.0 is a very old version of Typemock.

The download problem you're experiencing is very strange instead I'll send you the latest version by email so you'll be able to evaluate the product
answered by dhelper (11.9k points)
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Thank you very much,you can send it to

Thanks a lot.
answered by liji (640 points)