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With such a great tool as TypeMock, it's god awful that it uses popups when running on the automated build server.

That's because it takes forever to diagnose and figure out what's wrong.

My first symptom was that suddenly the build couldn't delete a certain folder.

Using Process Explorer it turned out to be TypeMock.Configuration.exe that has the build locked. But why?

Was there an error in something in my build script? After some debugging, compare with source control--no apparent problem.

Also, re-ran the build on my local PC--it runs fine.

So why does the build only fail on the build server?

On a whim, I run the build on the build server manually from the command line instead of through Hudson.

Sure enough, every time it calls:

TypeMockRegister task in Nant,

there's a popup message saying "Your maintenance will expire in -8 days."

Why on God's green earth would anyone have popups in command line tools?

Please fix these so they give log messages, warnings are fine, even an error as a notification that fails the build with a code to fix it would be better.

That would be easier to diagnose.

This is totally unacceptable for a deal I was discussing with TypeMock sales to include TypeMock in a commercial source project so that all our end-users will need TypeMock licenses.

This must be fixed. It's too inconvenient when it happens.

Thanks, otherwise, for a wonderful tool!

asked by tickzoom (2.7k points)

1 Answer

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Typemock support was able to help somewhat.

They are planning to permanently fix the issue.

But in the meantime we figured out a work around simply by placing the <typemockstart> task prior to the <typemockregister> task in Nant.

Just for good measure we also use an extension to Nant with a <kill> task to kill the TypeMock.Configuration.exe

But the first fix actually prevented the popup from appearing so it seems the <kill> wasn't necessary.

answered by tickzoom (2.7k points)