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I'm currently running the Professional edition and using the nant tasks to start typemock. I do not desire use of a Coverage Tool (and the link attrib is optional), so I'm trying to execute tests without coverage. I get this error.

1) x.xTest.Commands.GetReturnPathTest.Execute : TypeMock.TypeMockException : 
*** TypeMock.NET needs to be linked with Coverage Tool to run, to enable do one of the following:
   1. link the Coverage tool through the TypeMock Configuration
   2. run tests via TMockRunner.exe -link
   3. use TypeMockStart tasks for MSBuild or NAnt with Link For more information consult the documentation (see Code Coverage with TypeMock.NET topic)

Am I required to use a Coverage tool? And if not, does this message tell you anything useful?

asked by dpurrington (600 points)

3 Answers

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:idea: This normally indicates that TypeMock is not installed correctly.
Are you using a 64 bit machine? You will have to install the 64bit version or make sure that the tests run in 32bit mode (See the documentation)

Are you running on a build server without installing? You will need to install or use the AutoDeploy feature (This is an Enterprise Feature)
answered by scott (32k points)
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I am having the same issue. TypeMock appears to be installed correctly, and I do not want to link with NCover. But any time I use MockManager.Init, I get the error posted above. What is the solution?


        ReportOutputDirectory="$(BasePath)" />


Using TypeMock 4.0.10 32bit on Windows Server 2003 R2
answered by markjohnson (140 points)
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Can you check if your OS is 32 bit or 64 bit?
If its 64 you should install TypeMock 64 bit.
If the OS is 32 bit try running a simple test in the command line using TMockRunner.exe e.g

unit-console.exe Test.dll

This should indicate if the problem is in the installation of TypeMock or somewhere else.
Please tell me the results.
answered by ohad (35.5k points)