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I'm using Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers. I'm using their unit testing framework along side of typemock for mocking.

When I use AlwaysThrow() or ExpectAndThrow() to throw an exception, it doesn't throw the exception type that I'm throwing, like ApplicationException. It instead throws a TypeMockException.

I'm telling VS to expect an exception so that the test doesn't fail, uisng [ExpectedException(ApplicationException)] above the test method signature. If I stick in TypeMockException instead of ApplicationException the test passes. But if I do that, then the test will pass if any TypeMockException is thrown regardless of whether it is valid or not. Am I doing something wrong here?
asked by repairman2003 (1.7k points)

3 Answers

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The methods for throwing exceptions shouldn't throw TypeMockException.
TypeMockException is thrown when there's a problem in the test code.

Can you please post test code and the full message from TypeMock exception?
answered by ohad (35.5k points)
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hmm... It's passing now. But only if I get rid of the previous test. It uses the same mocked classes and it failed when the first mocked object was being created. I never actually stepped through the code line by line since the code is basically is the same except the exception throwing. Though now I don't understand why creating the same objects in a different method should throw a typemock exception.

Mock<DataConnection> dbConn = MockManager.MockAll<DataConnection>(Constructor.Mocked);

As soon as it hits that line it fails, but works fine in the previous method.
answered by repairman2003 (1.7k points)
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Ah the MockManager needed to be cleared out
answered by repairman2003 (1.7k points)